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Our passionate teachers take great pride in helping students succeed,
bringing years of experience and knowledge to their work.



Head of English
Education Bureau Registered Teacher

Mr. Yung graduated from HKU with a BEd in Language Education. His focus on building critical reading skills and interpreting grammar items in a clear, systematic way has been proved to help students excel in their studies. His students have a strong track record of achieving excellent results in English assessments. Mr. Yung has also trained up numerous debaters and speech festival winners.

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Head of Chinese
Education Bureau Registered Teacher




Enrichment Programme Consultant and Instructor
Education Bureau Registered Teacher

Miss Rosalind graduated from HKU with a BA&BEd (Language Education in English); Master of Arts in Literary and Cultural Studies. Ms Rosalind Wong is currently a lecturer at a few tertiary institutes. She mainly teaches literature, gender studies and academic English. 


Besides her lectureship, she holds directorial and producing positions in various theatre groups. She is the founder and artistic director of Hong Kong Shax Theatre Group and Shax Speakers, and is also serving as a board director at The Hong Kong Shadow Players. Her productions of Shakespeare's The Two Gentlemen of Verona (2015) and Love's Labour's Lost (2017), won her the Best Director Award respectively. Her most recent production, Macbeth, was staged at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts.

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  • 獲國家普通話水平測試一級乙等證書資格

  • 北京語言大學學士

  • 香港中文大學文化研究碩士

  • 香港演藝學院戲劇教育碩士

  • 精通普通話、廣東話、英語、韓文

  • 10年教授 3-17 歲孩子經驗,在香港有 5 年的普通話教授經驗,教授過的學生來自韓國、台灣、香港、英國。學生遍佈全港不同的國際學校、本地學校。


Our Teachers: Staff

Mr Henry joined Resolute Education Centre after completing his Master's degree at Royal College of Art (London). As an avid artist, his works have been exhibited in various galleries and exhibitions in HK and the UK. He's also experienced in teaching art to young children and inspiring them with different senses. 

There are three levels in Primary Visual Arts program, which cater for the needs of different students. 


Besides teaching basic skills and creating art together with kids, Mr. Henry would put substantial emphasis on promoting art appreciation and fostering creativity among young souls. 

Visual Arts Instructor


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